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Experience Brandon Voo Music

Brandon Voo Music starts your learning journey with the cello by taking students through a specially designed curriculum that enables people of various ages, backgrounds and experiences to start learning the cello with enjoyment and confidence.

Having close to 20 years of cello teaching experience, cellist Brandon Voo has witnessed first hand the growth of the cello as the musical instrument of choice amongst parents and children.


However, some parents may hesitate to choose the cello as they might be uncertain if the cello is the right fit for the specific learning needs of their children, with the cost of the instrument and course fees also being another concern.

It is with this in mind that we at Brandon Voo Music have launched a group cello class (limited vacancies) for beginner kids. To show our appreciation for 20 years of support from our students and parents, we have come up with a variety of course packages(instrument included) for new incoming students and also gift vouchers for our existing students. This beginners course also comes with uniquely designed course materials that introduces basic cello playing techniques in an easy to understand format that even suits beginners with no previous music background.

Brandon Voo Music provides you with tailor made professional cello lessons, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, age, background, and personal character. Discover your passion for music and the cello, cultivate your mind and build confidence through our performance opportunities. Courses include one-to-one VIP courses, group lessons for beginners, cello ensemble lessons and basic music theory courses. Simply contact us and let us know why you wish to learn the cello, and your learning journey will begin!


Students start as young as 4 and even as old as 70. Everybody's learning journey is different, so please do not let age be a deterrent!

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