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🎵  If you or your child are still not sure if the cello is the right instrument for you, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with details regarding our beginner group classes for children, one-to-one VIP courses and music theory courses.


🎵  Beginner group classes for children. Children within the same age group and level tend to interact better, making the process of learning more fun and interesting. The group cello class requires essential basic ensemble skills that can only be attained through tacit cooperation, coordination and communication amongst the students. With proper guidance and healthy competition, the child is thus able to improve and attain music literacy skills and musicianship. This course is more suitable for younger children and beginners.


🎵  One-to-one VIP class. The teacher gets to know more about the specific learning needs of the student and target the areas that need further improvement. The student is given more details for learning direction, higher level instruction for musical expression and technique, as well as tips on handling live auditions. More suitable for intermediate and higher level students.


🎵  We actively encourage students to take part in more live performances to improve their confidence and presentation skills.

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