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The cello is a very versatile musical instrument with a deep and rich compass that covers the entire range of the human voice, from the deepest bass to the brightest soprano. It can be played either solo or as part of an ensemble, and is an established instrument in Western classical ensembles such as the piano and cello duo, piano trio, string quartet, string ensemble and symphony orchestra. In Asia, it is now also a permanent part of the Chinese orchestra, Indonesian keroncong ensemble and traditional Malay orchestras and has in recent years also been used as a solo instrument in traditional Indian music. Since the millennium, the popularity of the cello has also been fuelled by its representation in pop culture and social media, often appearing as a solo instrument by YouTube sensations such as Apocalyptica, Melo-M, the Prague Cello Quartet, The Piano Guys and the 2Cellos.

Due to the versatility of the cello and its role as an indispensable ensemble instrument in local Singaporean schools and international schools, more students have chosen to take up the cello in recent years.

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